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About Us

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We promise to...

Physio123 make all our clients the same promises:

Add value to your practice
The main purpose of Physio123 is to add value to your physiotherapy practice. We provide web based services that will meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

We will never overlook the basics
Great service, ease of use, honest pricing, and respect for our customer’s time, money, and trust. We’re known for fast and efficient customer service and support. We continue to work hard to make sure we live up to that reputation every day.

Save you time
When you use Physio123 you don't have to worry about anything technical — you can just do your work. We handle all the design, marketing, maintenance, updates and backups and “IT guy” stuff. We leave you to stay focused on what you're good at and we'll handle the rest.

Contracts suck – We won’t tie you in
No one likes being locked into something for a year or two or more. We never lock anyone in. All our customers can cancel at any time, no questions asked.

Exceed your expectations
If we didn't make our clients happy, we wouldn't have a business. We won't leave you in the dark. What we will do is help your achieve your desires through great web design and marketing. We will always listen to your feedback. If you are not happy then neither are we! We hope you see us as partners rather than vendors, and we will see you as part of our team. We believe together we can succeed.

Constantly innovate
What is excellent today may not be good enough tomorrow. We constantly innovate and improve our solutions for the benefit of our clients. We learn from every website we design, and use this knowledge in the next project to make an even better website.

Build relationships
Our business model is based on long term solutions that evolve with your needs. Every new client means the beginning of a relationship, not the closing of a sale.

Our customers are our investors
They fund our day to day operations by paying for our services. We answer to you, not outside investors or the stock market. We want you to succeed so that we can succeed.

Create accessible websites
Physio123 are committed to creating websites that can be perceived, understood, navigated, and interacted by people with disabilities.

Keep your website safe
Our state-of-the-art servers are protected by biometric locks and 24-hour surveillance. Our software and infrastructure is updated regularly with the latest security patches. Your website is backed up every day. Our backups are stored in multiple locations for additional redundancy. Even our backups have backups. We’ve never lost anyone’s data and we won’t lose yours.

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