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Kehoe Physio

Barry was a chartered Physiotherapist in Ireland who had been working in the public sector in for 8 years. He was planning to open a private practice and contacted us for our help. Barry was keen to have a practice that would provide both individual and group treatments and wanted a website that would be effective at marketing both of these services.

What Barry says:

I contacted many different designers and was faced with the arduous task of trying to explain the requirements of a website which would cater for the specific needs of a physiotherapy and rehab clinic.

Dealing with Physio123 has taken the stress out of planning a website. Physio123 understand the physiotherapy industry, therefore, the website they created is effective and user friendly.

"Iím very proud of the website and Iím delighted to direct clients and colleagues to it. If you are looking for a professional service with fantastic results I recommend Physio123"

Barry, Kehoe Physio
Throughout the design process I have the service I have received was fantastic, friendly and patient. The design team listened to my ideas and suggestions and advised me when needed.

As it was a new business I wanted everything perfect and made many changes, modifications and additions. Physio123 were more than willing to take all these points on board without showing any sign of frustration! Every email was replied to without delay and all questions and queries were fully answered.

My website looks great. I have been getting great feedback from customers, colleagues and friends about the website! All of my clients have spoken positively about the website and were impressed with the professional finish.

If you are looking for a professional service with fantastic results I recommend Physio123. I would have no problem in recommending Physio123 to other Irish colleagues.

Iím very proud of the website and Iím delighted to direct clients and colleagues to it. If you are looking for a professional service with fantastic results I recommend Physio123

What we did:

Barry returned his customer requirement form within one week allowing us to get started immediately. Within two weeks Barryís new website was online! To ensure that Barryís website would generate new patients, we immediately commenced a search engine optimisation and Google Adwords campaign.

As Barry was setting up a new business from scratch, we were keen to develop an identity for his business. We created a logo for his website which reflects his business name and the services he provides.

Barry wanted his website to incorporate:
  • A modern looking website that caught visitorís attention and encouraged them to make an enquiry.
  • A red and white colour scheme.
  • A clear and user-friendly navigation structure.
  • The promotion of various special offers for local sports clubs and businesses.
Barry told us about several websites he had seen that he liked the look of, and what it was he liked about them. From this information we were able to build up a picture of what Barry wanted, and create something that we knew Barry would love.

We are delighted with the positive comment Barry has received from his new clients. We are looking forward to seeing Barryís business grow as we continue to market his services.

Please contact us to see how Physio123 would benefit your practice.

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"I am very happy with my new website and the help and support I have received from Physio123. My Google ranking is fantastic and people see my website first in my area. "
Rhian, Banbury Physio
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"For someone like myself who is not particularly IT literate, it was easy for me to understand what information you required and this helped me to quickly get my website up and running. Prior to your help, this seemed quite a daunting task."
Andrew, The Signol Centre
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"We found the whole process very good and extremely efficiently set up. The overall level of service and response to our many queries was excellent, and the website design and layout has a modern and impressive appearance."
Maureen, County Physio
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"Very impressed with the service Physio123 provide. The website is definitely doing its job. Itís high in Google and generating a steady stream of patient referrals."
Margaret, Manchester Neuro Physio
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"Physio123 designed my website exactly how I wanted it. The process was fast and easy. Now, my website sits at the top of Google which ensures my phone is constantly ringing."
John, Macclesfield Physio
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